Yonatan   Resume
Yonatan Ben-Simhon
Birth year
P.O. Box 23458
Tel-Aviv, Israel
(+972) 50-6543-544
HomePage www.yonatantsav.com

2012-2014 Advanced studies in art, Hamidrasha School of the Arts
Beit Berl College, Beit Berl, Israel.
2010-2012 MPs in Interactive Telecommunication, ITP, Tisch School of the Arts
NYU, New York, NY.
2003-2006 PhD candidate in computer science, computational biology and medicine program,
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.
2001-2003 MA in applied mathematics, bioinformatics course,
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.
1997-2001 BSc with honors in computer science, bioinformatics course,
Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel.
1994-1995 Studies mathematics, physics and computer science, as part of
I.D.F. air forces 'Talpiot' project, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Selected Exhibitions & Performances
Sep 2014 Brith Mila, Post Graduate Final Exhibition, HaYarkon 19 Gallery, Tel Aviv.
May 2014 Futile Type Ingested with Adar Goldfarb, MediActive, Hamidrasha, Beit Berl.
Dec 2013 To Yizhak, Living Gallery, Municipal Gallery, Kfar Saba.
Nov 2013 Digital Mirror, He who criticizes or thrusts the game away has already entered into the game, The spaceship, Tel Aviv.
Sep 2013 Futile Type with Alessandra Villaamil & Ioni Gkliati, Il(l) Machine, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz.
Aug 2013 Hate Machine with Mattan Tenneh, Machines of Desire, Hanina, Tel Aviv.
Aug 2013 Illumination with Jack Kalish, Not Book, Beit Ha'ir Museum, Tel Aviv.
Jun 2013 Illumination with Jack Kalish, Everything is TEMP, TEMP artspace, New York.
Nov 2012 Turing Normalizing Machine with Mushon Zer Aviv, Other Lives, Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem.
Nov 2012 Illumination with Jack Kalish, Other Lives, Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem.
Aug 2012 Type II with Alessandra Villaamil & Ioni Gkliati, Kola Shel Hamila, HaZira Performance Art Arena, Jerusalem.
May 2012 Futile Type with Alessandra Villaamil & Ioni Gkliati, The Interactive Show, NYCResistor, Brooklyn.
Apr 2012 Street Art TLV NYC with Tamar Erez, ITP Thesis Week, NYU, New York.
Dec 2011 Mailbox full of Secrets with Gabriela Gutiérrez, ITP Winter Show, NYU, New York.
Aug 2011 Illumination with Jack Kalish, Geekdown, 92Y Tribeca, New York.
Jun 2011 Illumination with Jack Kalish, Intensity, Ventata 244, Brooklyn.
May 2011 Is with Geetha Pedapati & Alex Vessels, Shifting Sensorium, 319Scholes, Brooklyn.
May 2011 A Room with a Nude, Shifting Sensorium, 319Scholes, Brooklyn.
May 2011 </Archive> with Alex Dodge, Eszter Ozsvald & Mirit Tal, Festival of Ideas for the New City, The New Museum & Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York.
Dec 2010 Cube of Expression (multimedia performance with Min Jung Kim, Valentina Camancho & Eszter Oszvald), ITP, NYU, New York.
May 2010 Sox,White Stage, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv.
Mar 2010 Born Free, IPE, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv.
Nov 2009 Untitled (ready made by Liav Mizrahi), My Camp, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv.
Oct 2009 Untitled (for Ora Reuven's exhibition opening) Femosteron, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv.

Awards & Prizes
2010-2012 Tisch Scholarship, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU.
2003-2006 Tri-Institutional Fellowship in Computational Biology and Medicine,
Cornell University, Rockefeller University, Sloan Kettering Institute.
2003-2004 Presidential Genomic Fellowship, Cornell University.
2001-2003 Fulbright Doctoral Fellow.
2002 Summer fellowship award, USC.
2000-2001 'The Best to the Industry' scholarship,
awarded by the ministry of Industry and Trade, Israel.
1999-2001 'Eshkol' scholarship in applied mathematics,
awarded by the ministry of Science, Israel.
1999 Excellence prize (dean prize) for scholarly achievements
in the natural sciences faculty, Ben Gurion University, Israel.
1997-1999 Excellence prize from the Rector's office,
Ben Gurion University, Israel.
1993 Semi finalist of the Israeli physics Olympiad.

Work Experience
2006-Present Sr. Manager & Principal Software Developer at AOL Relegence Israel
- Developed state of the art IR, NLP and information flow analysis algorithms for high throughput real time text analysis.
- Managed teams software & taxonomy teams in NY & Tel Aviv.
- Lead business and products innitiatives.
2005 Teaching assistant for professor R. Elber in the course “Numerical Methods in Computational Molecular Biology”, Cornell.
- Planned and conducted sections in mathematics and computer science topics to a class of 25 students from multiple disciplines.
- Composed assignments, posted solutions, graded, held office hours and taught Matlab programming.
- Rated highly by the students through anonymous evaluation.
2003 Teaching assistant for professor W. Proskurowski in the course “Calculus II”, USC.
- Conducted sections in advanced calculus and Matlab programming to a class of 40 engineering students.
- Rated highly by the students through anonymous evaluation.
2002 Teaching assistant for professor W. Proskurowski in the course “Calculus for Business”, USC.
- Participated in an experimental teaching environment where professor and TA work simultaneously in a classroom.
- Rated highly by the students through anonymous evaluation.
- Successful performance: review sections were full at 3 times the class size; class students averaged higher on common final of 7 classes.
1998-2001 Private tutor for college undergraduates in computer science, mathematics and physics.
- Significantly improved students’ grades in multiple courses and through multiple disciplines.
1995-1997 Developer and experimentalist in an R&D group at a technological unit of the Israeli defense forces.
- Developed devices aimed at saving human lives as a part of a technological R&D group.
- Led a project with 2 direct subordinates.
- Planned and executed both lab and field experiments as part of research.
- Consulted other R&D groups in field of specialty.
- Designated “excelling soldier” – a nomination that included early promotion in rank.

Selected Research Projects
2005 “Structural alignment with gaps for proteins using the URMS method“.
- Numerical methods speed computations of URMS distance of protein pairs in a dynamic algorithm approach.
2005 “Indirect space sampling methods for the HP model for protein folding”.
- Replacing structure space with matrix space improves space-sampling AI algorithms (MC, GA, etc.) searches.
2000-2001 “An approximation algorithm for finding minimal energy in the 2D HP model for protein folding”
.- An approximation algorithm for an NP-hard problem using model-dependant heuristic for pruning the search tree.
1999-2000 “Web based software for comparison of protein structures”.
- An approximation algorithm for the NP-hard “subset” problem specialized for aligned protein structures comparisons. Greedy extension of short promising contiguous subsets.

Talks, Conferences & Panels
Feb 2008 “Real Time Semantic Web”
– ISOC-IL, Israeli Internet Association Conference, Ramat Gan, Israel
Jun 2007 “High Throughput Real-Time IR solution for the Financial Community”
– Information Retrieval/Search Technologies Seminar, IBM Haifa labs, Israel
Mar 2007 “MyBag – Handbags Promoting Self Expression”
– IFAWC, The Fourth International Forum on Applied Wearable Computing, Tel Aviv, Israel

Social & community activities
1998-2001 Tutor for Bedouin, immigrant and learning disabled students,
through the student's dean.
1998-1999 Instructor for a child suffering from cerebral palsy,
through 'Perach' project.
1997-1998 Instructor for a deaf, challenged and mentally ill teen-ager,
through 'Perach' project.
1991-1992 Volunteer at a mentally ill club, though 'Enosh' foundation.

Human English, Hebrew
Computer C#, C, C++, Java, Perl, Matlab, SQL, HTML
Massage Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones